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What to consider when selecting a live streaming platform?

There is no scarcity of platforms for Turnkey Live Stream Event Venue in today’s digital world. But picking the best one is an easy way out. You cannot just sign up and go live for your brand from any live streaming platform. There are many popular platforms for live streaming an event like YouTube, UStream, Facebook, Livestream, and so on. While selecting a live streaming platform, you should consider long and short-term goals and different features to make the broadcasting more attractive. Below we have listed various aspects to keep in mind in the platform for Live Video Stream in Los Angeles.

1. Recognizing the niche targeted audience

You should always be clear about whom you will be creating the content. But always go deeper than just gender and age group. Recognizing your customers and audience on a deeper level will help you put together the content for a live streaming event venue that will be more valuable and intimate. You can identify your audience for streaming a live event by asking yourself the following questions.

· What is the major problem or challenge that audiences want us to solve?

· What are the secondary challenges or issues?

· What emotions do they have when they experience such challenges?

· What solutions have the audience tried?

· What do they expect from us as a solution?

Remember, audiences join any live stream wedding or corporate events for entertainment or to know more about the industry information. By uncovering the niche audience’s demand and necessities, you can deliver them exactly what they want in live streaming an event in Los Angeles.

2. Define the brand goals

After identifying the audience, you should define your company goals. All the answers to the above questions will give you a solution to what the audience wants from the Live Event Space in Los Angeles. Defining the company goals will also add to the audience engagement structure. For that, you have to understand in what phase the audience for Conference Live Streaming is in the funnel. The goal type will vary in every stage, which is as follows.

I. Top funnel

· Growth in the audience number

· Increase in the views

· High engagement

· Total watching time

II. Middle Funnel

· Growth in the audience number

· Increase in the views

· Total watching time

· Click-through rate to the landing pages and the website

III. Bottom Funnel

· Increase in the views

· Conversion rate, number of views for increasing the sales, and views

3. Research the rivalries well

To research what your competitors are doing for live webcasting their corporate events, you need to have data and information about them. You can follow the below ways to explore how they select Venues for Live streaming and broadcast their events.

· Discover their Virtual Event Space platform

Check out which platform they are using for broadcasting their events. Most companies are now using more than one platform for live streaming services in Los Angeles, but it might not be so feasible for you. Thus know which platform will get you the most viewers and help you thrive on it.

· Identify the live streaming type they create

Many popular brands hire top live streaming companies in Los Angeles to identify the significant top for broadcasting. You can follow them and implement their strategy to grow your funnel.

· In-depth research about monetization techniques

There are various ways through which you can earn profit while creating a Virtual Event Production. For instance, your competitor might be offering discounts or coupons to live viewers. If you can identify how your competitor is monetizing their Live Streaming Event Space, note those points for yourself.

· Search for their promotional channels

Through promotion, competitors can draw audience engagement and viewership in broadcasting a Metaverse Event Space. For this, you have to search for their marketing strategies and get an overview of the promotional event. You can check their social media channels and website for this. If they are offering any newsletter signup option, you can pay attention to how they are attracting traffic to their Live Streaming of Corporate Meetings.

· SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of your competitor will include their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It will help you avoid the mistakes that your competitors are doing while broadcasting Live Corporate Events and incorporate the best strategies.

Match your goals with the required features

It is sometimes hard to find a platform that can match its features with your goals. As different platforms offering Los Angeles live TV streaming services include various functionality, you have to create a list of the features that your brand will need. We have noted down some of those features below to save your time and effort.

· Video CMS

According to the most renowned companies offering event live streaming services in Los Angeles, video CMS will simplify the access, storage, and use of the content you create. You can manage, distribute and categorize all the live streaming video services for events in LA in a single platform.

· Monetization alternatives

Brands love the monetization of their created video and look for this feature on most platforms. It will allow you to make a profit with the help of the inbuilt features like a monthly subscription or pay-per-view.

· Automatic recording

The companies offering Live webcasting services in Los Angeles cover the entire event of a brand and never last for a single moment. Automatic recording of live streaming of soundstage studio in Los Angeles will make the recorded video available to the viewers with a subscription.

· Notifications for going live

A professional company like LA soundstage studio for live streaming an event will assist you in driving the audience by sending them notifications. These alerts usually come through email or in the app.

· Live engagement and chatting tools.

An expert for event live streaming services in Los Angeles will love to draw more attention and make the broadcasting more interesting through chatting and engagement tools.

Are you searching for the perfect live streaming company that will help you find the best platform for your events? Call LightSpace Studios to host your live streaming with high audience attendance.

LightSpace Studios via soundstage studio hosts live stream events for various clients to achieve brand awareness and audience-centric goals. Thus whether you are selling services or products through live streaming, if you want to capture leads, give us a call at 310.694.0900.


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