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Los Angeles Live Streaming Webcasting Services

The all-in-one turnkey live streaming solution space. Whether you are doing corporate meetings, conferences, brands & agency broadcasts, video game tournaments live-streamed to Twitch, or music event performances and fitness classes streamed to YouTube and the world. We have the ultimate wired location for all of your Live Streamed broadcast needs. From sets to cameras to crew and support spaces make Light Space Studios West your home for all of your companies upcoming live streaming productions

Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet Speed - Up To 10GB Up and Down 

With the pandemic taking over the demand for offline events and meetings, the need for online conferencing and event organization is picking up the pace. Whether you are a businessman, a content creator, a small brand, or a game tournament organizer, we have ideal live streaming solutions for all of your needs and content.


The only thing we need is your requirement, your expectation, and your content brief! When you are ready with your content or event launch, our services will also be prepared to give it exposure through online streaming. Light Space Studios' team provides live streaming and webcasting services in LA for large and small events. We can stream directly to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook Live, a password-protected page, and many other platforms.


Light Space Studios is your trusted virtual event company for virtual event space, metaverse event space, hybrid events, webcasting, and more! We have a dedicated team to take care of every minute detail for virtual event production and live streaming of your events.

We Have the Best Multimedia Technicians in our Event Live Streaming Company in Los Angeles!

Our multimedia technicians are proficient in handling all kinds of technical details of the event you plan to implement. Whether you are planning a virtual event or an in-person wedding event, we will set the technicalities for streaming it live over your private or public platforms. Our technical staff will take note of every bit of information that you can provide about the event you are organizing.


Light Space Studios offers you the scope of creating a virtual event space to execute your content to your target audience. We impose quality experience on priority for your audience. And that is possible only with the help of professionals in the field. And we are proud to promote our services experts in the play! Our technicians will help sort things out for you regardless of whether you want to stream your content over YouTube, Facebook, or any private space.


Hire us for studio or on-location live stream services in Los Angeles to boost your communications and marketing needs. 


Company launches and meetings streamed to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


Streamed On Twitch Youtube Facebook Platforms


From Television Shows to Musical Performances Stream live today and charge admission online to view any Live Streamed Performance

Best Live-Streaming Company in Los Angeles

Our Live Stream & Virtual Event Specialties include:

  • Stream straight to client web page

  • Live stream and record live video altogether during the real-time presentation.

  • Stream to any platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, your own website, dedicated virtual event space or others.

  • On-demand recordings.

  • Broadcast, synchronize and record the presenter and presentation without any hassle.

  • Our team and equipment can scale to fit as needed.

  • End-to-end Event Planning & Management

  • Filming One Person or Multiple People At same time

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