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LightSpace Studios stocks most of todays film photo lighting and grip gear. From the most popular LED tungsten and HMI continuous lighting fixtures to Profoto and Broncolor strobe gear.  We have 30 tons of grip gear on site stands light modifiers clamps and grid gear like stirrups to a wide range of electric distribution bates and lunchboxes. We also have you covered with production supplies and expendables. Just include a list of items that you will need and we will give you a competitive quote for the daily rental cost. There is no need to open accounts at rental houses and arrange costly truck deliveries and tricky returns. We are happy to make production simple for you and help you to easily put all the production pieces together.


40" C-Stands w/ Heads & Arms

40" Turtle C-Stand w/ Head & Arm

20" Turtle C-Stand w/ Head & Arm

Preemie Stands

Short Arms w/ Gobo Heads

Gobo Arms w/ Gobo Heads

10" & 12" Gobo Arm

Hi-Boy Roller Stands

Medium Hi-Boy Roller Stand

Combo Stands

Low Boy Combo Stand

Low Boy Roller Stand

4' x 4' Butterfly Frames

6' x 6' Butterfly Frames

8' x 8' Butterfly Frames

10' x 10' Butterfly Frames

12' x 12' Butterfly Frames

20' x 20' Butterfly Frames

18' x 8' Butterfly Frames

16' x 6' Butterfly Frames

42" x 42" Reflectors

4' x 4' Single/Double/Silk

4' x 4' Floppy Flags

4' x 4' Open Frames

4' x 4' Open Frames Diffusion

4' x 4' Open Frames CBT

4' x 4' Open Frames CTO

4' x 4' Kukoloris

24" x 72" Floppy Cutter Meat Axe

24" x 60" Cutters

24" x 36" Solid/Single/Double Silk

24" x 36" Solid

24" x 36" Wood & Celo Cookie

24" x 36" Open Frame

24" x 36" Metal Flag

18" x 24" Solid/Single/Double Silk

18" x 24" Solid

18" x 24" Wood Cookie

18" x 24" Open Frame

18" x 24" Metal Flag

12" x 12" Mirror Kit

Silk Branch Set

Tree Branch Holder

Furniture Clamps w/Studs

2' x 4'  Wall Spreaders & Sliders

Baby Triple Headers

Baby & Jr. Side Arms

Baby Offsets

Comet Boom

Menace Arm Kit

Boom Arm

Mega Boom

Super Boom

C-Boom Clamp

Speedrail Menace Arm Set

Speedrail Ears

Maffer Clamps

Cardellini Clamps

Gaffer Grips

Jr. Pipe Clamps

Baby Pipe Clamps

Cheeseboro Solid

Cheeseboro Swivel


Chain Vise w/ Baby Stud

Chain Vise Grips

Jr. C-Clamp

Baby C-Clamps

Assorted Sized C-Clamps

Drop Ceiling Clamps

Baby Nail On Plates

Jr. Nail On Plates

Jr. to Baby Adapters


Beadboard Holders Duckbills

Putty Knife with Stud

Sand Bags or Shot Bags 15-35lb w/ Sand Bag Cart

Matth Gags

90º Baby Adapters

Dot & Finger Kit

Pipe Nipples

Female to Female Baby Adapter

Safety Cables

Spring Clamps Grip Clips

Location Umbrella

Apple Boxes

Productions Supplies
Clothing Racks



Hangers Various Types

Pop-Up Tents 10'x10' 

Pop-Up Tents 15'x15'

Single Person Changing Tents

Director Chairs Tall & Small

Client Monitor 21" or 55" with rolling stand

Folding Chairs

Folding Tables

Table Cloth Black Linen

Coolers Large

Sound Blankets

Crates Wedges

Crate of Step Blocks & Cribbing

Traffic Cones

First Aid Kit

Fire Extinguisher

Industrial Floor Fans

Portable Heaters
Rolling Tray Carts

12000w Honda Generator for Truck Work Lights

16' 12' 10' & 8' 6' Step Ladders

Power & Hand Tools

Color Printer and Paper


Black Magic Ursa Mini

Canon 5DSR

Sony A7S 

RED Dragon

Canon Cine Lenses Primes

Canon Lux Lenses Primes 

Camera Monitor 21" or 55" with rolling stand

Disseminator Up To 6 Cameras

Art Department
4' x 8' Hollywood Flats

4' x 10' Hollywood Flats

10' x 10' Hollywood Flats

Green Screen Paint
Blue Screen Paint

Green Screen Fabric 30'x20' 30'x30' 30'x60'

Seamless Set Paper 9" All Colors

Seamless Set Paper 12" Choice of 4 Colors

15' x 15' Black Solid Theater Curtain

15' x 20' Black Solid Theater Curtain

20' x 20' Black Solid Theater Curtain

12k Lumen Projector for Custom Video Backs
Wood Stage 4' x 8' pieces 2' height. 

Steel Deck 4' x 8' pieces custom heights
Furniture Lamps Rugs For Client Video Village

LED Lighting

Arri SkyPanel s30

Arri SkyPanel s60

Arri SkyPanel s120

Astera AX1 Pixeltube Kits

Litepanels Astra 1x1

litepanels mini plus

Quasar science, t8, 

Kino flo Celeb 201

Intellitech and Bright Cast led’s

Colorblast 12tr

Aputure 300d

Dracast 600 Mini Fresnels

Nila Varsa Deluxe Kits

Litegear Litemat Plus
Cream Source LED

Tungsten Lighting

Fresnels 2k 5k 10k 20k

Arri 300, 650, 1k, 2k, fresnels

Mole 9 light fay and 9 light maxi

Mole 750 and 2k softlights

Mole 200, 650, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k fresnels

6k Space Lights
Kino Flo Image 85  

Lowel Tota, Pro and Rifa lights

Barger bag lite

Dedolight kits

ETC source4 750 lekos

5k Skypans

12K Variac

Squeeze Dimmers

HMI Lighting

Arri and Altman M1.8 2.5k and 4K

Mole 12/18k par

200w & 400w jokers

200w & 400w Arri pocket pars

Arri M8 System

Photography Lighting

Profotos 8a (10a upon availability)

Profoto Heads

Profoto Reflectors

Profoto Fresnel

Broncolor Scoros

Broncolor Heads


600 amp Distro Box

300 amp Distro Box

100 amp Lunch Box

50' 100 amp Bates Cable

25' 100 amp Bates Cable

50' 60 amp Bates Cable

25' 60 amp Bates Cable

5 Wire Banded

100-60amp Splitters




Digital Station

Apple Pro 32GB Ram 8 Core All Current Software

Eizo Monitor 24" / LG Ultrafine 27"

UPC Power Backup

Digital Cart
Disseminator Up To 6 Cameras


Full,1/2,1/4,1/8 CTO

Full,1/2,1/4,1/8 CTS

Full,1/2,1/4,1/8 CTB

Full,1/2,1/4,1/8 Plusgreen

Full,1/2,1/4,1/8 Minusgreen

ND .3, .6, .9

216, 250, 251, Opal Frost, Hampshire Frost 1000H Tracing Paper


103 Straw

Deep Blue

Primary Green

Primary Red

Cosmetic Peach, Cosmetic Hi-Lite

LCT Yellow

Asst. Theatrical Gel Sheets

Bounce Materials

White Fomecore 4’ x 8’ Sheets

Black/White Fomecore 4x8 Sheets

Black/White Showcard

Shiny Gold/White Showcard

Matte Gold/White Showcard

Shiny Silver/White Showcard

Matte Silver/White Showcard

1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 Silver Beadboard

4’ x 8’ Silver Beadboard

1'x1', 4'x4', 4'x8' Celotex

V-Flats Complete Black and White


Male/Female Adapters 

Male/Female Edison Plugs 

Zip Cord

Various Electrical Plugs/Adapters and Tools

Roll 12” & 24” Blackwrap

Bag C-47’s (Clothes Pins)

Spool Black Trick Line

Roll of Bailing Wire

Roll of Monofilament

#8 Sash Cord 

#10 Sash Cord 

Box 1/4” or 3/8” Manilla Rope

30 yard Roll of Duvatyne

Roll Clear and Black Visqueen

Roll of Rain Hat Screen

Rain Tarps

Crate with Spray Paints, WD40, Pledge,
Windex, Streaks n Tips, Spraymount,
Dulling Spray, Baby Powder

Bag Assorted Drywall Screws/Nails

Scraps of Black Rubber Matt

Cable Crossovers


12” Black/Grey/White Gaffers Tape

22” Black Paper Tape

11” Black Paper Tape

11” Black/White/Yellow Cam Tape

12” J Lar Clear Tape

13/4” ATG Gun w/ Tape

12” Double Stick Tape

1Roll of Caution Tape

Electrical Tape

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