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Located in the heart of Los Angeles burgeoning art district and near LAX, LightSpace Studios' expansive photography and film production stages provide an ideal setting for your next creative event. Designed and wired to inspire creativity and optimize productivity, LightSpace was literally built from the ground up with the perfect gathering in mind. From the state-of-the-art lighting system to the comfortable yet versatile decor, this sprawling, 22,000sq indoor and outdoor venue space offers the ideal backdrop for your next corporate brand event, corporate launch,  meetings and conferences,  private party event wedding and bar mitzvah. See how LightSpace can help you host your most successful event yet! LightSpace is now wired for instant multi-camera LIVE STREAM. Why don't you professionally record your event and invite the world on youtube, facebook or twitch. From E-Sports tournaments to big brand product launches let LightSpace be the unique full service venue that will make your event a success.

We are  very proud to announce that we are one of very few Venues in Los Angeles with:

Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet Connection. Up to 10 Gigs Up and 10 Gigs Down.  

No more need for expensive broadcast trucks and now creatives can work remotely with no lag and the fastest file transfer and live stream available today at LightSpace Studios.
LightSpace Studios Dedicated Fiber Optic Connection .jpeg
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