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  • 3800 - 12000 sq/ft x 23' Ceilings (21' To The Grid)

  • Green Screen Full Cove Cyclorama Full Turn 70' W x 60' D x 23' H

  • Full Turn Green Screen Cyclorama 35' W x 60' D x 23' H

  • 9' 12'  Seamless Paper 20' or 30' Fabric Green Screen

  • Pre-lit Option and Pre-rigging Crew Available

  • Green Screen Options depends on how and where you are shooting and how much green painted or fabric hung the production needs.

  • Typical Request: a client requests a green screen studio for multiple purposes. Like a car then an apartment set with green windows - so we can tailor the quote based on how much of the studio is green and where and what direction you are shooting.

  • Drive-In Right Onto The Stage

  • Hair and Makeup Suite With Four Private Bathrooms

  • Shower and Pro Salon Shampoo Sink

  • Full Kitchen with Coffee and Snack Service Upon Request

  • Client Mezzanine and Private Green Room Included with Access to VIP and Post Production suites

  • Parking for 22 Cars in our private gated front lot

  • Parking across the street for 150 cars available

  • Wifi with fast upload and download speeds

  • Daylight studio with skylights over stages setup for total black-out in minutes

  • Access to Front Lot Stage Exterior Shooting

  • Full Service On-Site Equipment Rentals Grip Lighting Production Supplies

  • Crew from Directors to Grips available upon request

  • Food trucks love our studios makes for easy crew catering

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