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Soundstage Studio - Live Stream Event for Corporate, Esports and Performances in Los Angeles

Updated: May 10, 2022

We Organize Live Video Stream in Los Angeles for Corporate Sectors

There might be many offices across the world that have been working under the Work From Home concept for the past two years. As a result, the companies are not able to connect with their audiences for the new plans and concepts that they are about to implement! Therefore, with all of the business works, it is not possible for the employers to run self-managed live streaming with the employees for a broad audience.

Therefore, to help you save time and effort, our StudioStage - Live Streaming Solutions in LA is offering you services to live-stream corporate meetings over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other channels where you have your business audience. We understand the need for promoting your brand ideas and solutions through connecting and involving the audience. Therefore, you decide the venues for live streaming, while we will carry out all the essential setup and technical arrangements for connecting you with your audience.

Do you have a large team of employees? Do you want them to be part of your internal conference meetings? If yes, then you can seek our conference live streaming services to make it accessible to your large group of employees. When you broadcast live corporate events with your employees, it will add value to their work processes and will also educate them about the new inclusions that the company is about to make.

Are you Organizing Some Sports Events? Get the Best Event Live Streaming Services in Los Angeles

If you are organizing some sports events over virtual space or in the physical world, we can help you broadcast it to a larger audience through your connecting channels. We have the support to even live stream your content over Twitch. We are not any usual Facebook or YouTube live steaming services in LA, but we have the best tools and expertise to help adapt quality streaming over the standard services.

We can also help you create a Metaverse event space in order to help you project your technological creativity to your followers and audience. If not, you can still count on us to stream a live event of sports at your indoor or outdoor club. We will take care of the arrangements while you give us the green signal to proceed.

With our Live Webcasting Services in Los Angeles, We Can Stream Weddings for you!

With the pandemic outcomes, it has been difficult for the families to invite all of their important guests to the wedding events of their family. But as technology has made things easy for the world, there is a solution for everyone to enjoy the wedding even without leaving their respective homes. Light Space Studios' Live Streaming Solutions will help you out in carrying out wedding live stream services.

We will set up the equipment at the wedding venue and will create a live streaming event space for your family members to connect! If you want, we can also implement Facebook live streaming in Los Angeles within a private group where you will have just the family members whom you want to be part of your wedding through virtual event space.


Why Choose Light Space Studios' Live Streaming Solution?

We are proud to highlight our USPs for the live streaming services that we have to offer:

  • We can live stream and record live video altogether during the real-time presentation.

  • We can stream to any platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, your own website, dedicated virtual event space or others.

  • We can carry out on-demand recordings.

  • We can broadcast, synchronize and record the presenter and presentation without any hassle.

  • We charge nominal fees for our services, depending upon the type of streaming you want us to do.

Get in Touch with Us to Know About More of our Services!

The above explanations are just a few of the many streaming categories that we have to offer! We can discuss your requirements and tailor the service approach accordingly. So, put an end to your wait and get in touch with us to know more about our services and processes in detail! We await your requests!


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