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Live Streaming ANYTHING - What, Why, How!

Live streaming an event for the first time can be intimidating to say the least. Even the most accomplished event organizers can buckle under the pressure of going live.

But seriously fear not. The benefits of Live streaming are beyond. Apart from the worldwide impact that it has on your brand, Live Streaming captures audiences attention a staggering 20 times longer than on-demand content, allowing you to create a true "plug-in" connection with your viewers! Talk about immediacy and interest.

Live streaming is a little more nuanced than just hitting the "live" button on Instagram. Streaming anything, requires all players to be on their mark from the people in front and behind camera, the location, scripts, the gear and set up for a seamless production and product to conceptualize. That's where we come in.

The How? Well, in a nutshell Live streaming technology is hardware and software used to transmit video content as it is being filmed in real-time with ZERO video latency. Live video content has massive files and require dynamic technological equipment and streaming servers to transmit it.

So why Live stream? well... If this hasn't sold you its worth mentioning again,

Live Streaming captures audiences attention a staggering 20 times longer than on-demand content.

So, apart from moving your brand forward with the current tech trends (scrap that, necessities!) and what viewers are wanting it enables you to overcome geographical boundaries, reaching your international PRESENT TIME audience. In this blog, we have offered you a little insight into the live streaming game. For a more detailed breakdown check out this article.

Apart from the typical sporting events and gaming (on a large scale) we are seeing more Major production houses utilizing Live streaming for Auditions, and more noteworthy, table reads, sending the footage live, right back to the studios.

Lets Wrap it up shall we - Live Streaming ANYTHING - What, Why, How!

if you are searching for experienced event live streaming services in Los Angeles or an appropriate Turnkey Live Stream Event Venue, contact Light Space Studios for a successful live streaming Event of any magnitude.

We offer

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Thanks for scrolling, see you soon for more insights into all things film.

Signing off with ease and flow,

Team LightSpace.


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