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Are practical effects bringing cinema back to its glory days?

In just a few short years, the use of practical effects has become a trend in the film industry that is reshaping how movies are made. Practical effects of the past were the go to and sometimes the only way of achieving specific imagery. Enters the dawn of tech and CGI pretty much took over. Well, a new day is coming and currently Hollywood together with the world are noticing a shift from solely using CGI to now marrying the two, CGI + Practical Effects lending movies a more realistic feel, and moviegoers (all 7+ Billion of us) seem to be responding well to the change. Bringing cinema back to its glory days? I'd ay a cheeky, oh yes!

Studios that have CGI have become increasingly difficult to locate, Unless you're lucky enough to book a stage at LightSpace Studios, we provide two MASSIVE pre-lit Green and Blue screen stages as well five other mega wall cyclorama stages that can pretty much fit a Bomber in and then some! Scroll up for pic, radical right?

Back at it. CGI and other special effects have become an integral part of filmmaking. They are used to create illusions that can't be achieved with practical effects. However, the growing trend among filmmakers to use more practical effects alongside CGI to create the ultimate illusion of reality is prevalent. The reason for this is that practical effects look more realistic and they can be filmed and photographed in a way that gives the audience a more immersive experience. Films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inception and Mad Max Fury have used these techniques quite heavily and with great success. Talk about a creative team on fire!

Something worth mentioning in the world of film, animation is moving through the ranks and snapping up academy awards like a kid swiping candy on Halloween. Currently LightSpace Studios has partnered with Elektra Shock and created the biggest public turn-key motion capture and virtual set facility in Los Angeles. That's worth mentioning again, THE. BIGGEST. IN. LOS ANGELES.

LightSpace Studios is equipped with the latest visual effects and animation technology as well as live streaming platforms. We work with the best animators and visual effects artists in the business. So HIT US UP if you wanna make something epic


Thanks for scrolling, see you soon for more insights into all things film.

Signing off with ease and flow,

Anji + Team LightSpace.


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