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What is a Cyclorama and Drive In Soundstage?

The cyclorama and drive in soundstage are used during the production of music videos, commercials, television shows, video web content and movies. These two items often go hand-in-hand and are rented together. However, each is technically its own separate entity. Here is more information on what a cyclorama is and what they are often set up and used on a drive in soundstage.
A drive in soundstage is a normal soundstage that you can drive up into, or use video equipment that rolls and moves to capture images. A cyclorama is a 360 degree image that is viewed from inside. So, for example, if you are filming a video where someone is falling from the sky, the cyclorama can be set to have a 360 degree image of the sky, including clouds and the sun. This makes it look more like a person is really falling from the sky. Being able to shoot this image on a drive in soundstage is important, as the drive in aspect allows the videographer to back up or pull in closer to get the full shot of the cyclorama that they are after.
While a cyclorama can also be set up outside, most production companies perfect to have it set up on a drive in soundstage because they can control outside noise on a soundstage, which is something they cannot do outside. Outside noise can destroy a shoot, so having your shoot done in a controlled environment is extremely important.
Are you looking to utilize a cyclorama on a drive in soundstage in the greater Gardena, CA. area? Here at LightSpace Studios West, our studios can set up the cyclorama you need on the type of soundstage that is ideal for your shoot. Call us today to reserve the space and equipment that you need.

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