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Covid-19 Health Standards and Practices at LightSpace Studios

We understand the importance of getting back to production work while helping to insure your safety and the safety of everyone on the stage and set.  In order to further this goal we have added some safety requirements and changes to production protocols. We ask that you follow these CDC recommended guidelines when you are on the property and on a stage or supporting offices and studios at LightSpace Studios.

Production Personelle kept to essential crew and talent members only

This specifically means only people directly performing production tasks having to do with the filming or photography are allowed in the building and on set.  Agency people, 2nd and 3rd executive producers, friends and family of creatives,  people who work for the brand and come to set to work on their laptops should stay at home or at the hotel.  The amount of people on set must be minimized to people actually performing the task of shooting and performing so we can maintain social distance while we work. This also keeps less people around the talent. that need to be socially distant until they are called to camera. Think skeleton crew! Everyone else can review and comment on dailies or photo samples remotely via Zoom. Every production during Covid-19 is considered a locked down closed set.

No cold or flu symptoms on set

Upon check -in you will be given a temp check by security anyone exhibiting fever or cold and flu symptoms will be asked to go home

No buffet catering craft services or drink service.

​All food and drinks are brought by the individual crew or talent and those individuals eat and drink privately. Production should provide a stipend for people to bring their own box lunches and snacks. We can setup social distant places to eat outside with tents chairs and tables. Kitchens and drink stations are closed until further notice

Masks and PPE supplies must be brought by the individual crew or talent and or provided by production and worn for the duration of the shoot at LightSpace.

This also includes booties which are usually worn anyway on the cycloramas. Production is also required to provide additional personal sanitizer for all crew member. Every hour AD will ask that everyone sanitize.

Hair and Makeup professionals must be in PPE gear while working on the talent and makeup and hair supplies may not be recycled.

Time must be allocated to work separately with each model or actor. A makeup person will be allowed in the room then hair. Social distance and order must be maintained to protect the talent. Hair and Makeup must use new sanitized brushes. No recycling of makeup or hair brush tools is permitted.

No crew loitering on set. If you have not been called to set or asked to perform a duty then you must remain socially distant from each other.

Any department that is done their job on set can not sit in a group in the building. Individual crew members must remain socially distant from each other and avoid group chats until you are called to perform a duty. This is to maintain the no gathering on set guidelines.

Bathrooms and commonly touched areas and building parts will be continually sanitized throughout the production day

Bathrooms and commonly used areas and building parts such as door knobs, stair rails, tables will be sanitized throughout the production day.  Our on set cleaning person will perform these duties but production is required to inform their production assistants to continually remind the crew to maintain the Covid-19 sanitary health standards.

Additional costs for the round the clock disinfectant personelle and security check-in labor is the responsibility of production.

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